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32 Hours: The Church In Haiti

From Pastor Mark Driscoll: On Sunday, January 24, I had the great honor of sharing a lot of photos, videos, and stories of the church in Haiti and how the church is responding to suffering. A number of pastors and ministries have asked if they can use that sermon. The answer is yes. The elders at Mars Hill have always been gracious in giving content away for free to serve Jesus, which is a great joy for me personally. So, we have made the entire sermon available for download free of charge, to be used however and wherever Gods people desire. As a side note, this sermon is a bit different than the one that is posted online on Mars Hills media library and that played at the Mars Hill Campuses on Sunday. The sermon that played at Mars Hill included some issues about our giving and generosity that will not pertain to other churches and ministries. So, we have cut out that content but left everything else. We hope it is helpful to Gods people for Gods glory and you can download it for free here, including an option to burn it onto a DVD, if that is easiest for you. [ voir sur ]

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ArcelorMittal Web TV 2010 - Episode 1 - Emerging from the crisis

Web TV 2010 kicks off with an episode encapsulating the challenging environment of the last 18 months. The episode points a camera at the repercussions of the crisis, the actions taken by ArcelorMittal and the sentiments as we look at the road to recovery. [ voir sur ]

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