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Santé: Décrypter les mécanismes de l'addiction

Pourquoi certaines personnes sont-elles plus accrocs que d'autres à la cocaine? La Suisse est à la pointe en matière de recherche mais aussi en matière de prise en charge des toxicomanes. Reportage à Genève dans une salle d'injection. [ voir sur ]

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Part 2: Unity Against Amnesty speech by William Gheen of ALIPAC in Santa Maria, CA

Unify Against Amnesty 2009 Speech (Pt. 2 of 3) Presented by William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) on Feb. 21, 2009, at the historic Santa Maria Inn in Santa Maria, California. This speech was presented as part of an event hosted by the Central Coast Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) Chapter. Other keynote speakers included Tony Dolze, Chris Simcox, and Ted Hilton Over 200 people attended this event. William Gheen's speech outlines new strategies in the fight to defeat Amnesty for illegal aliens in 2009, as well as warnings of new attacks on Free Speech in America! Special messages for California residents, as well as messages to President Barack Obama, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. For more information about illegal immigration, to help stop Amnesty for illegal aliens in 2009, or to support ALIPAC visit [ voir sur ]

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Santa Monica Orthodontist Dr. Nikaeen in Drs Show

Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen, a Los Angeles braces expert, uses jaw widening procedures to expand the upper jaw so it can better accommodate a patients permanent teeth and to prevent the need for future tooth extractions. Jaw widening also can prevent the need for other surgeries often performed to address the problem of overcrowding. If you would like to learn more about jaw widening or would like additional information on orthodontic treatment, visit Dr. Nikaeens Web site: or call her Los Angeles office for a free consultation: (310) 444-1113. [ voir sur ]

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Theory of a deadman - Santa monica ( lyrics )

santa monica lyrics Hey guys! Do you want to help me win an Xbox 360 Elite, there is this site that gives free gifts.. I didn't believe it at first but then I found many forums with people who actually won all kinds of stuff, all you have is to sign in and create an account, complete an offer and invite some friends to create an account too. and you will get your free gift, from ipods to wii and xbox.. visit this link (and create an account) to help me win the xbox: Guys, this is not a scam, vist the site and read for your self, there you can read the proof for yourself, this thing is known world wide and works nearly in every country.. I have completed an offer (and got excellent support by the way) and now I am looking for referrals. The offer that I have completed was buying a web hosting package for just one month. Again, this is not a scam, just read through their website. Good luck bounty hunters! [ voir sur ]

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Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

Copyright recordings, music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Bob Dylan - for original, exclusive, Dylan performances, check-out the official channel at Please see for news and info on donating to Feeding America, Crisis and the World Food Programme thank you. Music video for Bob Dylan's song 'Must Be Santa' directed by Nash Edgerton. The video features Bob Dylan & Santa Claus. November 2009 Visit Our Online Store Twitter [ voir sur ]

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Assassin's Creed 2 - Templar Lair Guide: Over Beams, Under Stone 2/3

Templar Lair guide - Black / white edition Over Beams, Under Stone Explore Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and find the Templar treasure hidden within. 2 Secret area / treasure chest locations included Finally decided to film the templar lairs. Maybe a little late now, but whatever. :) Secret Area 1 starts: 2:47 Secret Area 2 starts: 4:21 Templar Lair 1: Templar Lair 2: Templar Lair 3: Auditore Crypt Assassin's Tombs Tomb 1: Tomb 2: Tomb 3: Tomb 4: Tomb 5: [ voir sur ]

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Assassin's Creed 2 - Tomb Guide: Il Duomo's Secret 1/5

Iltani's tomb. More Assassin's Creed 2 videos on my channel. Assassin's Tombs Guide - Find the seals, unlock Altair's Armor il Duomo's Secret / Basilica Santa Maria Del Fiore / Il Duomo Location Included Q: 5 tombs? There's 6! A: You get the first seal very early on during the story (sequence 4). It isn't optional like the other 5. Tomb 1: Tomb 2: Tomb 3: Tomb 4: Tomb 5: Templar Lair 1: Templar Lair 2: Templar Lair 3: Auditore Crypt [ voir sur ]

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