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WWW.DANGER-BISPHENOL.COM pour plus d'informations sur le Bisphenol A. Pour que le gouvernement français et l'Europe prennent des mesures pour réduire l'exposition de la population au Bisphenol A, merci de signer la pétition : plus d'infos santé sur conception et réalisation production [ voir sur ]

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Les dangers de la graisse abdominale pour la santé

Les dangers de la graisse abdominale pour la santé: ce petit film explique l'impact que peut avoir l'excès de graisse sur la santé. Plus d'informations sur [ voir sur ]

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Saint Death (La Santa Muerte) trailer

Trailer for the documentary Saint Death (La Santa Muerte), directed and produced by Eva Aridjis, narrated by Gael García Bernal, distributed by Seventh Art Releasing. Film synopsis: In Mexico there is a cult that is rapidly growing- the cult of Saint Death. This female grim reaper, considered a saint by followers but Satanic by the Catholic Church, is worshipped by people whose lives are filled with danger and/or violence- criminals, gang members, transvestites, sick people, drug addicts, and families living in rough neighborhoods. "La Santa Muerte" examines the origins of the cult and takes us on a tour of the altars, jails, and neighborhoods in Mexico where the saint's most devoted followers can be found. [ voir sur ]

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mas aya de tu ventana-santa rm ft danger

TrackList: Santa RM - Bajo ZERO 1. Bajo Zero (Intro). 2. En Este Track. 3. Conquistame (Con Santaflow & Norykko) 4. RegueStyla (Con Omega & Silhaz) 5. Killers (Con Eneyser). 6. Cancion Para Mi. 7. Rap en la Sangre (Con Omega,Silhaz & Elley). 8. Interlove 9. 6 Letras. 10. Tu Adios (Con Phoros And GerkWan). 11. Corre, Grita & LLora 12. Por Que? (Con Crox & Mudo C.PDE). 13. InterEgo 14. Kobra 15. Manos al Cielo (Con Trola) 16. 3...2...1... 17. Intento (Con Ente) 18. Mas Aya de Tu Ventana (Con Danger). 19. Aunke les Duela (Con Omega & Kaoz) +Bonus Track [ voir sur ]

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Danger Bay to LA Part 2

Louis Pilloni filmed this on his way back down to LA from Danger Bay 7 (close to vancouver canada). Not shot for production value but to capture riding at it's rawest form. NOW GO OUT AND SKATE [ voir sur ]

Durée : 4 min 28
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Noah's Arc Apologetic + Dangerous Beliefs - AE #585

TheAtheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. Every week we field live calls from atheists and believers alike, and you never know what you're going to get! Sometimes it can get quite feisty indeed! You don't want to miss it. Episode: #585 28 December, 2008 Topic: Live Calls. Martin takes on live calls. Atheistic Experience: Atheist Community of Austin: AE Blog: Non-Prophets Radio: [ voir sur ]

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The True Santa Story: a Spokesman Gets Diabetes

This is the original video that tells Santa's true story. To keep with the times and provide the nicest toys, Santa was forced to get a job promoting everything from Coke-Cola to M&M's. His unlimited supply of soda and sweets makes him fatter and fatter. When his doctor tells him he has type two diabetes, Santa can't stop with the sweets. Santa is a danger to himself. Will Christmas be saved? Watch this to find out what you can do to help. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 52
En ligne le : 25/12/09 14:19

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Blue Belle vs the Secret Santa

Here is Danger Doll original for the holidays in which Miss December (played by Molly Whipple aka Chickfighter) is kidnapped by the evil Secret Santa and Danger Doll Blue Belle comes to the rescue. Have a rock'em sock'em solstice! [ voir sur ]

Durée : 6 min 24
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Gang Wars: Oakland 1 (4 of 5) in HD

Examining the activities of gangs in Oakland and the efforts of an elite police force to counter them (2009). (Documentary) [ voir sur ]

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